Berlin for tourists is a combination of pre-WW I artefacts and stories and post WW II stories (including East&West Germany unification). Somehow, the entire WW history is kept under wraps. And why not? Who likes to keep recounting failures in life? We, Indians, don’t talk about our defeat in the Indo-China war. Every time we speak of Ind-Pak war of 1971.
One place that you MUST visit is the Museum Island that has one of the best collections in the world. The artefacts and gate of Ishtar from the City of Babylon(erstwhile Iraq) is just WOW! The city center is wrapped around a forest garden that has wild rabbits, squirrels and sunglight playing hide-n-seek all the time. The DDR museum is also interesting as it shows how East Germans used to live pre-unification. The tour to see the Berlin Wall is a must too.

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